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One of the best sounds in the bakery is the bell above the door. A little jingle that has a touch of whimsey; every time I hear it, I know I’m about to look up and see the familiar warmth in the eyes of a gaze set on our display. You know the look, when you can see a mouth watering, eyes glazing over, a little curious smile or, on the face of a child, an unbridled grin.

Often children are brought into the bakery for a treat, for so many reasons, but I believe it’s because it is truly even sweeter to see a child light up when their small hands gasp a treat, handed to them by someone they adore.

We get to see the joy of children dreaming a birthday cake with their parents, the kindness of a brother sending cupcakes to his sister who needs a little cheering up, the thoughtfulness of a granddaughter who wants to bring her grandmother her favorite kind of pie, or a husband coming in minutes before we close on his way home from work, to bring his wife a cookie just to make her smile.

Other times, the door jingles and the opposite generation walks in; a mother and daughter, seasoned in life, enjoying an afternoon together. Both taking a break from their families or their jobs to come together to catch up and to share the warmth of the bakery during our blustery winter. Or a son coming in each week for the same order, a box of cookies to bring to his parent’s home while visiting.

YUM! Butter Cookies!

YUM! Butter Cookies!

Cupcakes are popping out of the kitchen every two minutes... yikes!

Cupcakes are popping out of the kitchen every two minutes… yikes!

Kids like cupcakes. Fact.

Kids like cupcakes. Fact.

We want to celebrate the love of family this Valentine’s week. They are the people who know us best, the good and the bad, who have watched us grow and have given us guidance through life. They will become the people we have known the longest throughout our entire lives. Let your family know you cherish them with a sweet gesture. All of our baked goods are made from scratch with the freshest possible ingredients because we wouldn’t bake anything that’s not the very best!

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