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“Love takes many forms but we think dessert is one that’s universal.”
-Peter Jacob, The Cakabakery

Above all, we believe in love. Our business is founded on it; the love and passion for what we do and those around us is the foundation for everything we create. When we love, we do it with style, grace, and vision. When you ask us to create something to celebrate your love; the love of your life, your child, your family, your best friend or a special occasion – we put our very best into every bit of flour, eggs and sugar.


I do;

We have helped create surprises, special proposals and designed dreamy wedding cakes. We have had the pleasure of witnessing incredible intimacy first-hand in the bakery with one in-shop proposal (and have had our hand in a slew of others – seven to be exact!), and four weddings that have taken place right here in the shop.

IMG_6383 IMG_6387

The live proposal came in the form of decorated cupcakes hidden in our “you build up my heart” themed window display. The display included several tiny white figures with white construction gear: trucks, cranes and all, working together to build a brick-clad, heart shaped cake. The cupcakes bearing the letters spelling “will you marry me” were nestled into the display. The couple approached the window and the gentleman pointed at the display. She nodded and walked by. He guided her back to the window to take a closer look where, of course, she smiled, noted that she really loved the idea and walked toward the door. He finally said “Please look a little closer”, she did. She decoded the hidden message and cupped her hands to her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes. He knelt, she gasped… they hugged. She agreed.

Michelle Baker, assistant baker to Jason, was the very first bride weeks before the official public opening in 2012; no fairy tale could tailor a better blessing or christening for the bakery. The weddings took place in our quaint courtyard strewn with lights or under the beautiful natural lighting of the greenhouse portion of our shop. Peter and Jason have stood witness in two of the ceremonies.

Being able to share beauty, joy, love, and celebration with family and friends is the absolute foundation for The Cakabakery. We suspect this is a big reason why, when you walk through the doors, you can feel it; the magic. It’s a collective effort of the love of many, and our ability to foster that love by being a part of these special moments.

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