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  1. Breaking news from Cakabakery insiders…

Dear Cakabakery insiders,

You know we’re a “custom dessert manufactory” and that we can create desserts, to order, for any occasion. That’s a fact. But we’re now your neighborhood grab-and-go bakery also. We serve our most popular flavors on the daily in our new shop in Eastown, Grand Rapids. What we need from you is your feedback (foodback) on the selection we offer.

Our plan is to provide a variety of cupcake flavors, cookies, cake-pops, cheese cakes (mini) and much more. If you’ve been in, tell us what you liked best. If you’re planning to come in, tell us what you’d hope to see when you arrive. Comment here to tell us what flavors you like best and what new flavors you’d like us to play around with.

Just last week we tested a ginger/peach cupcake, a strawberry/champagne cupcake and blackberry cheesecake-pops. We had such a good reaction from you that we’re eager to try more new flavors… we hope you’re ready to try them too.

Thanks for the feedback, pals! See you in the shop soon!

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    Double Latte Cupcakes... Anyone?

  2. Cake Pops!

    What might these little pops have inside? You tell us.

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