Happy Birthday Mr. Kakabaker!

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Do bakers have birthdays? Of course they do! Did you know that Jason Kakabaker is having a birthday… this week? On January 10th Mr. Kakabaker will mark one more year of custom baking on his calendar. This is cause for a proper celebration!

We’ll be making his day special at Cakabakery and we’d like you to help us. Drop in this week and tell Jason what he has meant to you. Did he make your baby’s first b-day a SMASH? Did he make your wedding the sweetest day, ever? Did he squeeze you real tight one time and make your heart swoon (he does that a lot)? Stop in and tell him how you feel. Sing him a birthday song… write him a celebratory rhyme… whatever you like. He’ll smile for days!

That’ll make him, and the rest of us at team Cakabakery, real happy. And we all like happy!

Hope to see you soon!

The Cakabakery Team


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