Happy Gifting to You!

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What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Is it hanging the tinsel on the tree? Is it attending all the events and dressing like an elf for a month? Or perhaps its the shopping. No, not the shopping? You’re kidding? You must not know that we have your gifting covered.

At Cakabakery we have partnered with local artisans, crafters and the green-tumb-iest pals we know to create a Christmas Shop that we think you’ll love!

Here’s what we’ve got…

We’ve got greenery bundles to deck the halls, Wreaths in all sizes to adorn your walls… Cocoa Mug Kits to give them grin-fits, Cake-a-Long jars you can send up to mars… Towels to wrap with or give to a hostess, Cards made of wood that we think are the mostest… (I should stop, but I can’t help it) Cute baby onsies to cover their bunsies and hand hammered platters to serve them what matters… “What matters”, you ask with a tilt in your neck. The DESSERTS, but of course, just what did you expect?

Happy Shopping pals,

Cakabakery Team

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Give the gift that they really want... choice.

Give the gift that they really want… choice.

Thanks to the Enchanted Gardener for making the greenery bundles


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