It’s an honor just to be… Best New Business Nominee!

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  1. Breaking news from Cakabakery insiders…

It’s a brisk Thursday and we couldn’t be happier here at Cakabakery. Of course, we’re happy most days… the cookies make us happy. The custom birthday cakes are a fun surprise every time. Inventing new ways to delight you is fun too. So what has us all in a tizzy today? We’ve been nominated as BEST NEW BUSINESS in GR! AHHH!!!

The Neighborhood Business Association is celebrating new and established local businesses in an event this evening (Thursday, Nov. 7th) at Wealthy Theater. How fun is that. We know it’s you who have made us worthy of nomination. Thanks for the love GR! Wish us luck, all. We’ve got our fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed… here’s hopin’.

Stay tuned for the results tomorrow. So freakin’ exciting!

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