Why do we love winter weddings?

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In Michigan, we know what winter is all about. Each year we speculate, will we have the big blizzard? Will we be buried under fourteen inches of snow tomorrow? It’s the season we all secretly adore, giving us an excuse to stay in for safety’s sake, forcing us, completely against our will, to curl up with warm mugs of tea, cocoa, good books, and wool blankets. When you live where the snow falls softly, you can’t help but let Mother Winter win your heart over at least a few times throughout the season. The rich colors of spiced chocolate, warm fur, cozy knit sweaters, flickering fireside, calm and quiet white. The scents of cedar, spruce, pine and mulling spice.ww4ww6

When we take the beauty that winter offers us, and surround two people on their most important day with the ones who love them most dearly; there could be nothing warmer or more romantic. Candle light dancing, velvet gowns, dark hues, soft music and warm drinks. The cold invites both bride and groom to open their imagination to the magic in the frost, to a more fanciful world where they can ride away in a horse drawn sleigh.

Winter’s backdrop can suit any palette, from shimmering gold and luscious crimson, to playful blues and forest greens. Here at The Cakabakery, we feel the same way about our cakes, with a slightly different palate! The options are endless, from fruit tarts or traditional pies, to cakes with notes of clove, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Holiday inspired cookies are full of creative potential. You can choose to warm up or cool off your treats; any way you slice it will be just as sweet. ww3

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