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Hello all! It’s that time again… Time to give thanks for all we have and to all those who make life more meaningful (and more delicious).

Hey! I just thought of something… It’s not to late to order your Thanksgiving Pie from Cakabakery. Imagine this…

The feast is over, the dishes await. But what’s this? The pie is all ready to go? Say what? No hot oven after the meal. No need to continue your endless task. That glorious pie is already perfectly perched on the sideboard nestled among the wreckage of what once was a lovely display. “Dessert is served, all”, you’ll chime. “I’ll take mine with whip”.

Let us do the heavy lifting this year. Order your pie before Saturday, Nov. 23rd. Enjoy the holiday, friends. We’re thankful for you. That’s a fact!Best always,

The Cakabakery Team

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