A letter from Jason T. Kakabaker

Homecity / Established
2010. Grand Rapids, MI

It all started for me when I was a kid. When I was young I was fascinated by the kitchen, by baking and the joy it could bring to people. Every year on my birthday my mom would make a very special, decorated cake and I got to choose the flavor. It was almost always chocolate cake with cherries. I looked forward to eating that cake every year.

The first job I ever had was at a 31 flavors ice cream shop. I was thrilled with the idea of learning how to decorate cakes – ice cream cakes no less, how exciting! This was not a job I thought I’d keep forever but the basic skills I learned at that shop instilled in me my love for decorating cakes. I’m glad I spent my summers in a walk-in freezer… could’ve been worse, right?

For 20 years I’ve created birthday cakes and specialty desserts for family and friends. Baking is something I have always done part-time but since 2010, it has become my fulltime passion. Could I be luckier? I get to create wonderful treats all day and I always smell of buttercream. Come see me at Cakabakery in Holland or Eastown to sample our creations. I’m looking forward to meeting you and to making your next celebration a real treat.

Baking is my life and life is good!